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Family and child Law

The firm provides extrajudicial advice and legal assistance in connection with personal and property relationships between spouses and family members in general, with particular expertise in matters with international elements 

The firm’s professionals have been appointed as guardians of minors by the Juvenile Court of Marche, and as support administrator, guardian, and special curator by the Civil Court of Ancona. 


Inheritance law and generational transition 

The firm provides advice, judicial and extrajudicial assistance in inheritance matters.
Inheritance is a complicated subject, and its proper assessment requires specific expertise and particularly qualified preparation.  

The firm supports and assists the client in the following activities

  • drafting the inheritance declaration;
  • acceptance of the inheritance, acceptance with the benefit of inventory;
  • relinquishment of inheritance;
  • drafting of wills and last will and testamentary acts;
  • interpretation of testamentary clauses;
  • challenging a will;
  • mediation and inheritance disputes;
  • inheritance division;
  • donations;

The firm also helps clients with the drafting of testamentary dispositions and the management of the generational transfer of assets through the drafting of family pacts. 


The firm has developed specialised skills related to Italian Law 3/2012, which, if properly applied, has the potential to safeguard the financial position of many families, companies, guarantors, and all non-bankruptcy parties, even if their debts stem from misguided investments, unforeseen expenses, or lost earnings.
The firm’s professionals have had assignments as crisis managers in both consumer and corporate proceedings