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Mediation and ADR 


Lawyer Francesca Pentericci has been a Civil and Commercial Mediator since 2012 – IMI qualified 

The firm offers and assists parties in all ADR procedures – mediation – assisted negotiation – arbitration. 

The mediator is a person who helps the disputing parties to reach an agreement and meets certain requirements: is independent, impartial and neutral and is an expert in conflict management techniques. 

Lawyer Francesca Pentericci offers assistance to parties as an independent mediator through the signing of a specific contract. 

What she does: 

  • assists the parties in finding an amicable solution to the problem 
  • facilitates dialogue, creating a culture of increased trust 
  • assists the parties, with specific separate meetings, to identify their concerns 
  • encourages the parties to develop new perspectives and alternatives on which to develop an agreement when possible 
  • brings the positions and interests of the parties closer together, with the aim of improving mutual relations, so that they can work together to reach an agreement 
  • guarantees the confidentiality of the proceedings to the outside world and, within the mediation, between the parties 

What she doesn’t do: 

  • must not and cannot impose a decision 
  • should not give technical opinions on the matter under discussion