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International contracting

The firm handles the drafting and review of international contracts, providing support in the pre-contractual phase and during negotiations with the counterparty.
An audit of the main reports and contracts used is carried out to identify any possible critical issues.


Family Law

The firm deals with international and European Union law with specific reference to mixed partnerships, the related rights of the person, family relationships with elements of internationality and minors, gaining specific experience partly thanks to collaborations with law firms around the world. In particular:  

  • Separations and divorces with elements of internationality (arising from different nationalities, place of family life, etc…..) – jurisdiction, applicable law 
  • Dietary receivables – determination and recovery 
  • Asset regimes 
  • Modification of the matrimonial regime and choice of law applicable to the property consequences of marriage 
  • Determination of jurisdiction and applicable law regarding parental responsibility and contribution to the maintenance of the child 
  • International child abduction 
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements 


Inheritance services

The firm advises on all legal and tax matters under Italian and foreign law relating to the death of a person, providing assistance with inheritance law, including international law.  

The firm is able to assist its clients in the drafting of a will without creating problems that could invalidate the will.  

Advises the client on the legal aspects of complex Italian and foreign inheritance law. In particular: 

  • Advice on international inheritance law issues under Italian Law 218/1995; 
  • Processing and declaration of inheritance on behalf of foreigners in Italy; 
  • International wills under Italian Law 387/1990; 
  • Restructuring family assets and inheritance law trusts; 
  • Inheritance divisions between persons belonging to different jurisdictions.